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May 2017

Our New Premises

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Driving up to Stuncroft’s new premises, the home of Clubclass Corporate Clothing, of 30,000 sq feet you can’t help but be impressed. With over 40-year track record in supplying tailored clothing and currently manufacturing over 2.5m tailored garments per year. Working to the highest ethical standards and with a technical team of 7 Stuncroft stand out from their competitors as an innovative bespoke supplier.

Douglas Bailey, Managing Director of Stuncroft, says: “In June we moved to our brand new office, showroom and warehousing facility in Thorne (close to Doncaster). We are an ambitious business and view the provision of logistics services as a key component of our offer and part of our competitive advantage. Our experience in dealing with all facets of corporatewear as well as the demands of retail clients and the fact we own two large factories has given our business an excellent understanding of logistics and how to best engineer our solutions to create the broadest possible appeal. We are happy to engage a customer on a particular logistics solution which best supports our mutual growth.”



With 5 collections and over 2 million pounds worth of Clubclass Corporate Wear tailoring in stock all available for delivery within 24 hours, Clubclass are Europe’s leading supplier of Stock Corporate Wear Tailoring. Service, Technical Excellence and Incredible value are the 3 key elements the business builds on.

Stuncroft understand what a client needs and delivers garment solutions to a number of businesses. Douglas Bailey, said: “Stuncroft are primarily garment manufactures with a mature stock solution. Well respected, we are a silent supplier of corporate clothing for many credible brands and retailers, managing stock efficiently and managing the supply chain for special contracts.”



Providing intelligent solutions to textile sourcing Stuncroft are not just stock service providers, they are a tailoring company who have an in-depth knowledge of fabric, design and technical manufacturing. Striving to keep up to date with the latest trends and giving the best service possible, Stuncroft are pro-active and regularly provide developments in the form of fabrics and garments for review. They say: “We care passionately about our customers and without them we are nothing.”

With the latest fashion trends now prominentin corporate clothing, Douglas, commented on these changes, saying: “There is a rise in demand for fashionable corporate clothing with retail and corporate wear blending into one, but this can only be said for the way the clothing looks and not the way it is made. Retail garments offer incredible value but they are not made for everyday wear in a work environment. All Clubclass Corporate Clothing garments are made to be washed and worn everyday at work. Tested to the highest standards in the industry and with a track record of excellent performance. Trust is one thing you get with a Clubclass garment. Therefore, although the line between the two is fading the way it is tailored is different. Corporate clothing needs to be more durable, this means using technical fabrics with high performance and more sophisticated levels of trim to deliver true performance clothing that looks good for years with little maintenance.”

In the stock supply sector it is clear that changes have been made as fashion becomes more important to buyers and although all three of the companies we visited had many similarities in what they were saying they each had something unique to offer a buyer. Stuncroft are more of a garment solution company who both hold stock, with the Clubclass brand, and produce bespoke tailoring.