Which collections work best for the Academy & Sixth Form Sector?


Clubclass have collections in a range of colours perfect for sixth form student uniforms. Contact our corporate wear experts for more information.



A 17-piece collection to suit all wearers. Made from a versatile Poly/Visc/Lycra fabric The EVERYONE collection will suit any school/college environment. A durable, midweight collection of mix and match tailored suiting for professionals who require modern clothing that works.

Available in 4 colours – Light Grey, Charcoal, Black and Navy.


Used in our collections for more than 10 years this is a truly tried and tested, mid weight Poly/Wool/Lycra.

The collection is designed so that wearers can enjoy the comfort and high level of performance that Evolution gives.

Formally called the wash and wear collection, Evolution is a sophisticated, mid-weight, tailored collection of professional clothing.

A 16-piece collection with fashion and classic pieces to suit all wearers.

If you want stylish, well-made clothing for work, look no further. You can trust the Evolution corporate tailoring collection from Clubclass.