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Welcome to the Team Our New Customer Services Manager, Kelsey

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We are small team of corporate clothing innovators fuelled by curiosity, craftmanship, and caffeine.

At the very core of our business are the people and we love shining the spotlight on those individuals who join our dynamic team here at Stuncroft. We are pleased to welcome Kelsey Sheppard who’s is our new Customer Service Manager. 

You’ll start to hear from Kelsey over the next few weeks as we start to understand how we can improve our service for each and every customer old and new. Today, brands need to be smarter and more creative than ever to stand out from the crowd in our new digital world of zoom calls and less face to face contact. Kelsey will help your business thrive in this new era working alongside our marketing team making sure our customers are equipped with anything you may need from bespoke branded proposals for that all important zoom call pitch, to updates for your website, to material to improve your customer experience in your showroom or digital content to captivate a new market.

We have so many new exciting developments about to launch here at Stuncroft and we need to ensure that our customers don’t miss out on our exciting new collection we are about to launch as well as brand new styles and fabrics for our Stuncroft made to measure side of the business.

We are so thrilled and excited to be adding Kelsey to our team. We decided early on that we only wanted to work with fantastic people, and Kelsey definitely fits the bill. With Kelsey’s help, although this year has been a difficult and testing time for us all we’re going to be releasing some pretty exciting stuff this year and we can’t wait to show you all! 

Car Salesmen Tailoring – Creating an unforgettable Customer Experience in your car showroom

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Creating an unforgettable visit for every customer that walks into your showroom is key to a successful sale. This experience is possible with the right staff and presentation. People prefer to deal with staff that are well dressed in a uniform. They should, of course, be courteous and warm as well. Often we have seen that employees in uniform tend to behave as expected.

So if you’re looking for uniforms for your sales team, here are a few tips for choosing the right kind:



When you’re investing in uniforms for all your employees, the last thing you need is to change them in the next season due to outdated fashion trends. It is therefore best to invest in classic uniform items such as buttoned shirts, formal jackets & skirts and tailored dresses.


Confidence Inspiring

Your employees can only make a positive impression on customers if they feel good about themselves. Smart attire can make any individual feel confident and self assured. Hence, when selecting a uniform for your staff, make sure you choose flattering styles and designs that suit all the individuals in your shop or outlet.
Clubclass tailoring is designed to be  comfortable, well fitted and morale boosting.



  1. The uniform you choose therefore needs to be functional as well as being attractive.
    Your employees are continually getting in and out of car and often working in varying outside temperature when selling under the hot sun or in the cold wind. Comfort is vital to ensure a comfortable working day. The Envee collection offers stretch and movement within the the fabric to ensure comfort throughout the working day. View the collection here. Clubclass have also designed trousers with flexible waistband for easy getting in and out of cars. Take a look here.


Get in touch to find out how a Clubclass Uniform can improve your customer experience.



Designing a uniform – the Clubclass guide to creating the perfect workwear

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From the memorable orange used throughout outfits worn by easy jet staff to the beautiful tailored jackets with the iconic white glove worn by the Ritz Concierge. The brand appearance worn by employees plays a huge role in our subconscious relationship with brands and business.

The uniform should never be considered an afterthought by businesses. It is a crucial task that should be given time and consideration, which is why we got in touch with Debbie Johnson. Debbie is an Established designer specialising in high profile design projects and brand development. Designing internationally for over 20 years to deliver some of the most successful and memorable uniforms in the Corporatewear Industry from Virgin Atlantic to the New uniform for London Northwestern Railway and West Midlands Railway. Debbie recently won the ‘Best Design of the Year’ at the 2019 Professional Clothing Awards.

Why is understanding how your uniform fits in the workplace & brand so important?

A uniform should always reflect the character of the brand it’s representing and should go far beyond logos and brand pantone colours. The designs should capture the vision and the essence of the brand; so, whether that’s bold and sassy, or quietly understated, the uniform should communicate the ethos and values of the company.

What makes a memorable award-winning uniform?

A good uniform should be identifiable through a clear sense of style and not by using gimmicks, or fashion statements, especially for the core uniform items. I’m a strong believer that less is often more! Instead, gaining differentiation through the cut and the quality of a uniform speaks volumes. However, it is important to reflect current trends, because employees want to feel contemporary and professional. Whether the garments are casual or formal, my aim is always to combine style with functionality and a good fitting uniform that has the correct details for the job is vital. This will enable staff to feel comfortable, confident and valued. Also, great detailing is key to delivering the brand personality. Whatever the garment – attention to detail will always create a range that is ‘a cut above the rest’.

Why is finding the right supplier key?

The right supplier is crucial, because good design goes way beyond attractive sketches on a design board. A good supplier will work with the designer to ensure that the design concepts translate into wearable garments for ‘real people in the real world’. This means that the resulting garments should not only look good, but should be well fitting, durable and easy to care for. In my opinion the inside of the garment and the way it is manufactured is just as important as the outside, because it ensures that the uniform will retain its smart appearance for longer, providing great value for money.

The Perfect Fit

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Your guide to finding the perfect style for different wearer shapes 

Your shape is what makes you beautiful and unique. You can pull off any outfit with the right confidence and posture. But we know  how difficult  corporate wear can be to fit a range of shapes and sizes so we’ve put together the below guide to help put the right style with the right wearer.






The Lean Column

When tall women are looking for work attire, they can come across some problems. The most crucial thing is to find a garment that perfectly fits your height. More often than not off-the-rack only offer standard length and fit. At Clubclass we offer a long fit in our jackets, skirts and trousers, dresses can be specially made for customers. Embrace slim fit trousers such as the Chiswick trousers in the Everyone Collection available in a long fit and a range of colours.

Shop the look here



The Pear Shape

Go for structured shoulders and look for short, or cropped styles that finish before the hips.
The Mendelssohn Jacket in the Envee collection is a perfect jacket style for ladies with a pear shaped figure.



Shop the look here




The Hour Glass

Say yes, to the dress. The hourglass figure was made for dresses. Channel your inner Monroe and reach for iconic silhouettes. With a hourglass figure, it’s all about celebrating your waist and highlighting your neckline. Making the Perivale Dress and the Slone Dress in the Evolution collection the perfect solution.

Shop the look here

2019 Award Winners

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It was another successful year at the prestigious Professional Clothing Awards in London. The awards shine a light on Corporate Clothing Industry leaders across Europe and we were thrilled to receive the prestigious ‘Best Catalogue’ award as well as winning highly commended awards for best IT innovation and website and Best Design for Corporate Clothing for the launch of the new Envee Collection.



The Clubclass Catalogue was a year in the making. A year of deliberating models, lighting, photographers, stylist and location and studios. Ensuring the photography for each product was key. We needed to communicate the quality detail and expert craftmanship within each Clubclass garment.


Each shot was meticulously planned through a range of studio and location shots. A mixture of simple clean photography combined with luxurious sophisticated shots. The catalogue was designed to allow the user to easily navigate through the catalogue using a uncluttered simple approach which allowed for the photography to speak for itself.

To win the award for the best catalogue was a huge achievement for the company and the awards now sits alongside our collection of awards proudly displayed in our showroom.


Download the brochure here

3 Reasons why Endurance P.V. is proving very popular

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3 Reasons why Endurance P.V. is proving very popular



The Endurance P.V. Collection “Simply Made To Perform At Work”. Extreme performance like Endurance but at a more competitive price. The Endurance P.V. Collection is the best performing range of business tailored clothing you can buy at this price level.


By blending viscose and polyester to make a new fabric quality, poly-viscose largely retains the pleasant drape and feel of standard viscose, so its touch is quite natural to handle but the added polyester means polyviscose is much easier to care for. It’s also very robust, making it ideal for hard wearing clothes or heavy commercial settings. 


We’ve designed a range of styles to perfectly compliment the environments the uniform will be performing in. For example the Stone Easy Waist trouser which through its flexible waistband gives discreet ease of movement. The range has carefully considered touches to ensure full functionality is afforded to the wearer such as the Cobalt Skirt with zip pockets and a key loop for key / ID card use. 


Endurance P.V. provides the cost conscious decision maker with high quality durable tailoring absolutely designed to perform at work. Zero compromises have been made in style, features or durability meaning this range of clothing simply represents the perfect blend of style, form and function. 

Envee Collection Launch 2019

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Stuncroft-owned Clubclass Corporate Clothing are set to disrupt the corporate clothing market with the launch of their new Envee range.

The only collection of its kind, the ultra-stretch fabric has been engineered using Poly/Visc/Lycra that stretches and moves with the wearer for maximum comfort at work.

With sustainability and durability at the core of the fabric and the designs, the Doncaster-based SME is the fresh face of the corporate wear market as they usher in the age of Fabric 2.0.


MD of Stuncroft, Douglas Bailey, spoke of wearers of the range:

“What they love about Envee is the level of comfort. 2 years, a lot of hard work and that’s exactly what we wanted.”


Bailey and the R&D team at Clubclass wanted to bring something truly innovative to the market and with the average garment being made from around 45 recycled bottles, they’re certainly doing something different.


The Envee range was recently launched with an exclusive, invite-only fashion show at the company’s £3m Doncaster warehouse and distribution centre.


The brand-new collection touts the strapline ‘The Luxury of Movement’, and rightly so, as two professionally trained free movement dancers put the garments to the test on the catwalk at the launch.


Bailey adds:

We’re extremely proud of our the Envee Collection. It’s exactly what we stand for as a company, brave and forward thinking, and we’re excited to see it out in the market”.

Struggling with size 12

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Struggling with size 12
by Douglas Bailey, Managing Director at Stuncroft

In 2001, The UK National Sizing Survey revealedour true body shapes – but does this mean the clothing industry can standardise its sizes?

Thankfully not!

After the publication of the survey, I wrote an article recounting a shopping trip with my wife. I have since revisited the shopping trip, but this time with my niece and her mother to find out how ‘predictable’ fit is on the high street. Here’s what happened..

Nadia, Nadia’s mother and I set out – full of hope and excitement – to find suits for a special occasion.

Hope lasted slightly longer than their excitement!

Nadia slipped into a beautiful size 12 suit in Ted Baker, but Mom struggled into a size 12 and, full of indigestion, complained about the skimpy fit!

We moved on, then Mom slipped into a beautiful size 10 dress in Wallis. However, it was here that Nadia found the size 6 far too big for herself.

Having been on this jaunt before, we chose to avoid Missguided and other younger fashion stores. We decided that Moms struggling to fit into a size 16 with lumps of flesh poking over the top of the trousers was far too traumatic for any of us to endure!

Four ours into our trip we stopped for a coffee and it’s here that Mom and daughter looked at me pleadingly and asked, “Why can’t you lot in the clothing industry get your act together?!”

Do they make a fair point! Why can’t the clothing industry make standardised sizing?

The 2001 clothing survey found that women are taller, bigger and heavier than they were in 1951.  More importantly, the hourglass shape has all but disappeared.

The modern women is 2’’ taller and her hips and bust are 1.5” bigger. The big change, however, is in the waist measurement  =  this has increased by 6” (however, this partly attributed to the 1950’s measurement being taken over the-fashionable at the time-corsets).

So we now know that miss average is in actual fact a 37-40, 5-39, stands 5’4” tall and weighs 10st 3.5lbs. Miss average is no longer a size 12 – but a size 16!

Does this mean we can know standardise sizing?

Can changing rooms be done away with?  Does it mean we can sell Corporate Clothing via mail order and never get returns for wrong fit?

However, the answer is no.

These are average measurements; the key to fit is shape and measurements.

Nadia is a 19-year-old lady who is an average size 12 and her Mom is a 46-year-old lady who is also a size 12.


Same height and same shape to a casual observer the same size but – I hold my breath in case Mom is reading – just like how different generations like to wear their clothes, there is also the issue of arms, legs, stomach, bust and bottom shape.


Additionally, not to put too fine a point on it, but the survey also revealed two types of bottom shapes: those that sag and are longer and those that don’t!


Ditto other body areas.  The same is true for men; the survey reveals some men have a belly and a disproportionately small bottom.  Another group have a flat stomach ‘six pack’ and pert buttocks (steady ladies!).


The UK sizing survey will help manufacturers produce clothing to fit their specific segment of the market better.  In fact this is largely what they do know.


Unfortunately, a large part of the ‘these clothes are made wrong’ complaints are down to customer ignorance and so called ‘vanity’ sizing.


It is no secret that a size 14 today used to be a size 12 a few years ago.  It is also obvious that shops targeting the more mature wearer make their clothing differently.


The misconception – largely espoused by mothers to their daughters – is that cheaper makers tend to skimp on material.


The reality that is mom needs to shop in a different store than daughter because her shape has changed.  Some sell clothes for the Kate Moss figure, some for a standard figure and others are generous ‘vanity’ sized.


I think this variety helps, and, if all clothing is standardised along the averages found in the UK sizing survey, far fewer customers would find clothes that really fit them well.


What about Corporate tailoring?


Often a group of wearers have only one trouser, skirt or jacket to choose from.


The sagging bottomed lady is expected to wear the same trouser as the pert lady! The man with a fat belly is asked to wear the same as the taught man!


It doesn’t matter how standardised the sizing – people don’t come in standardised sizes (except at some airlines who have chosen non-sagging size 8-10)


The answer:

Firstly: Choice.


Choose a supplier who understands clothing and has the experience to design and grade patterns according to size.  Many suppliers just grade up and down in standard increments.  This is outdated and shows a lack of understanding. Smaller sizes should be more closely graded whilst big sizes should be more generously graded.  It is also ignorant to offer generously cut clothing on the assumption that you will get away with fitting more wearers!


Secondly: Measurements must be accurate.


Make sure the wearer chooses the correct size (the correct size is the one that fits!).  The gold standard is; try on the garments you are buying and take a little time to establish the correct size and fit.


Thirdly: wearers must be offered a choice of styles and the styles offered should reflect the different type of wearers.


It is not satisfactory to give one style of jacket, or a low waist trouser to fit all wearers! You will have lots of disgruntled wearers:  they will cause trouble, and I couldn’t argue with them when they do!  Choice is vital if you are going to have satisfied wearers.


The UK Survey has helped the clothing industry to supply clothing that more accurately fits the target audience.  Corporate Clothing Suppliers produce styles that fit the same target audiences within a group of wearers. Corporate suppliers will be in a position to advise wearers on styles and cut to give a more satisfactory Corporate Clothing experience.


Then, hopefully, Mom should be able to clearly identify those shops that sell her type of fit. – and the fit guys among us should be able to identify those shops that sell ‘athletic’ fit!



If you’re struggling to understand your correct fit, computer programmer Anna Powell-Smith created the What Size Am I? website after reading an article which criticised shops for their misleading labelling.


The program asks women to enter their bust, waist and hip measurements, then calculates what dress size they should go for at a range of high street retailers, including Marks & Spencer, Next and Zara.


It also suggests which shops are most likely to have something suitable, so shoppers can avoid hunting for a dress in Whistles if Warehouse is going to offer a better fit.

Miss Powell-Smith has adapted the website for smart phones, so women can use the calculator while on the move.

For more information, visit www.sizes.darkgreener.com.

Vikki has worked with Clubclass for 20 years! Here’s to the next 20 years!

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From the factory floor to the sales office to on the road meeting our brilliant customers. Vikki’s knowledge and expertise in the corporate wear industry is astonishing.


Vikki started on the factory floor many years ago, she couldn’t sew in a straight line so then moved onto a press. Vikki then progressed to customer service within the sales office and then progressed again to be a valued member of the sales team on the road most days visiting our valued customers. Vikki has some interesting stories about her driving skills! However, you can guarantee no matter what the weather Vikki will always turn up in her heels and with bags of samples she keeps her customers updated with the large range of Clubclass Clothing collections.


Vikki has been fortunate to be involved in the marketing of Clubclass and our brand direction, with the experience and expertise of Vikki the brand is again moving forward. Vikki has seen many changes within the 20 years and is excited in the direction we are heading as a company.