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Designing a uniform – the Clubclass guide to creating the perfect workwear

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From the memorable orange used throughout outfits worn by easy jet staff to the beautiful tailored jackets with the iconic white glove worn by the Ritz Concierge. The brand appearance worn by employees plays a huge role in our subconscious relationship with brands and business.

The uniform should never be considered an afterthought by businesses. It is a crucial task that should be given time and consideration, which is why we got in touch with Debbie Johnson. Debbie is an Established designer specialising in high profile design projects and brand development. Designing internationally for over 20 years to deliver some of the most successful and memorable uniforms in the Corporatewear Industry from Virgin Atlantic to the New uniform for London Northwestern Railway and West Midlands Railway. Debbie recently won the ‘Best Design of the Year’ at the 2019 Professional Clothing Awards.

Why is understanding how your uniform fits in the workplace & brand so important?

A uniform should always reflect the character of the brand it’s representing and should go far beyond logos and brand pantone colours. The designs should capture the vision and the essence of the brand; so, whether that’s bold and sassy, or quietly understated, the uniform should communicate the ethos and values of the company.

What makes a memorable award-winning uniform?

A good uniform should be identifiable through a clear sense of style and not by using gimmicks, or fashion statements, especially for the core uniform items. I’m a strong believer that less is often more! Instead, gaining differentiation through the cut and the quality of a uniform speaks volumes. However, it is important to reflect current trends, because employees want to feel contemporary and professional. Whether the garments are casual or formal, my aim is always to combine style with functionality and a good fitting uniform that has the correct details for the job is vital. This will enable staff to feel comfortable, confident and valued. Also, great detailing is key to delivering the brand personality. Whatever the garment – attention to detail will always create a range that is ‘a cut above the rest’.

Why is finding the right supplier key?

The right supplier is crucial, because good design goes way beyond attractive sketches on a design board. A good supplier will work with the designer to ensure that the design concepts translate into wearable garments for ‘real people in the real world’. This means that the resulting garments should not only look good, but should be well fitting, durable and easy to care for. In my opinion the inside of the garment and the way it is manufactured is just as important as the outside, because it ensures that the uniform will retain its smart appearance for longer, providing great value for money.

2019 Award Winners

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It was another successful year at the prestigious Professional Clothing Awards in London. The awards shine a light on Corporate Clothing Industry leaders across Europe and we were thrilled to receive the prestigious ‘Best Catalogue’ award as well as winning highly commended awards for best IT innovation and website and Best Design for Corporate Clothing for the launch of the new Envee Collection.



The Clubclass Catalogue was a year in the making. A year of deliberating models, lighting, photographers, stylist and location and studios. Ensuring the photography for each product was key. We needed to communicate the quality detail and expert craftmanship within each Clubclass garment.


Each shot was meticulously planned through a range of studio and location shots. A mixture of simple clean photography combined with luxurious sophisticated shots. The catalogue was designed to allow the user to easily navigate through the catalogue using a uncluttered simple approach which allowed for the photography to speak for itself.

To win the award for the best catalogue was a huge achievement for the company and the awards now sits alongside our collection of awards proudly displayed in our showroom.


Download the brochure here

Shhhhh! The PCA Evening is a Stand Out Event in Our Industry

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What a night…food, champagne, opulent setting and great friends swapping stories and experiences.

On a beautiful summer evening overlooking one of the worlds great rivers, over 300 sparkling, exuberant guests, from all over the world, sat down to dinner in a luxurious setting; each dressed to the nines and looking fabulous. All there to celebrate the latest innovations and achievements in our dynamic industry and applaud The Professional Clothing Awards (PCA) winners. The PCA recognise the international uniform supply chain and reward exceptional workwear, corporate clothing and PPE from around the world.

After a champagne reception we sat down to a wonderful three course dinner. After possibly too much champagne we needed Toastmaster Reuben Lynch to control us with firm and regular reminders, Shhhhh, that we were getting a little excited.

The incomparable Yvette Ashby introduced the evening. By god she has worked hard to make this event happen! She welcomed us in her own inimitable style and we settled back to listen to guest speakers. Reuben reminded us of our obligation to respect the speakers:

shhhhh… They told us about sustainability and product advances. We were reminded of our responsibility to the environment and the people who make and wear the clothing we produce. We witnessed a wonderful display of young design talent as models strutted through the room wearing inspiring clothing from the next generation of designers. Cindy McNaull from INVISTA CORDURA Brand celebrated 50 years by cutting a beautiful four tier cake and sharing it among the guests, yum, yum. We had presentations on the brilliance of all of us, this always make me feel very special! And we had a delegation of friends from Portugal, that wonderful country with so much textile heritage. They told us what we should already know; they are UK friendly and they make some wonderful textile products.

Then “the moment we had all been waiting for” the opulent award ceremony hosted by Kanya King, MBE and Sophie Smith got underway. Both ladies looked fabulous and handled the long award ceremony beautifully and of course we had Reuben Lynch making sure these ladies were not interrupted and the deserving winners had their moment. Reuben had his work cut out at times as the excitable crowd continued to swap stories and generally have a good night. Shhhhhhh.

Winner after winner, highly commended after highly commended, took to the stage to rapturous applause. All beaming and shiny they walked of proudly, clutching their glass obelisk, a mark of their considerable achievements and all well deserved. I particularly enjoyed watching Paul Costello hug the Tailored Image team when they won an award for the Belfast Bullet hotel apron!

I am not going to mention all the awards (there were a lot) but I would like to mention a few:

The Lifetime Achievement Award: Winners were John MBE and Vicky Bancroft. I don’t know them personally but I witnessed their progress over many years, they work hard and have grown a terrific business and richly deserved this award. Jacqueline Sioen-Zoete was also recognised in this category.

Long Service to the Textile Industry: Winners were Mr. Charandass Sohal and Jeff Banks CBE. I have met both men; both are inspiring characters in their own way. Jeff needs no introduction and Mr Sohal (Mr. Dass) lives around the corner from me. I grew up watching many of my Indian friend’s fathers grow wonderful businesses by working very hard in Birmingham during the 1970’s. Mr Sohal is an unassuming modest man who has worked hard, founded ORBIT and developed it in to a wonderfully successful business that this industry can be proud of.

Woman of the Year 2017: Winner was Jacqueline Sioen-Zoete. I don’t know Jacqueline but she won two big awards so I would like to say congrats anyway.
Awards ceremony over we all mingled, shook hands and patted each other on the back. Swapped hearty congratulations with winners and retired to the roof top bar to drink more, tell stories and jokes as we looked out across the great city of London and watched dawn herald the start of a new day. Then off to a welcome bed at 5am and dreams of winning the big one next year!

I would like to thank The Professional Clothing Awards team for getting the industry together and congratulations all those who entered the awards. Congratulations to those who won awards. I hope you all enjoyed the night as much as my team and I did.

By Douglas Bailey, Managing Director at Stuncroft.
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