How many garments should we allocate each wearer?
It is impossible to advise on how much clothing to issue without knowing the circumstances, however, a rule of thumb is 2 jackets and 3 bottom halves (trousers/skirts). 5 shirts and blouses.

How often should I wash a “washable” tailored garment?
Recommended washing is 6 times per year. Two jackets per wearer should result in a wash once per month. This is a lot more than dry clean jackets get cleaned. Trousers can be washed more often (as required). More important than how often is how the garment is washed.
• Wash the tailored items separately.
• Wash on a wool wash (max 40deg). A Short spin cycle only.
• Remove from the washing machine immediately the cycle ends.
• Shake and pull the garment into shape. Hang and allow to dry naturally.
• Press the garment using a damp cloth. It is not advisable to iron directly onto the fabric because this can cause glazing.
• We recommend having the garment professionally dry cleaned or professionally pressed once per annum. This will help to return the jacket to its factory condition.

How do we know our clothing is coming from an ethical source?
Ask your supplier to verify this. Clubclass only source ethically and take part In world leading Industry audit schemes to ensure all factories are compliant. More importantly we have our own staff working in the factories where we make our clothing. make sure the clothing you supply is sourced form ethical factories. Reputations take years to gain and hours to lose.

What is the best test of garment suitability?
There are many laboratory tests that can help you to understand what level of performance a garment will deliver. However, the best test is how It performs In the environment it Is intended to be worn in. Clubclass garments are tested to destruction before they are allowed to be sold for use at work. All fabrics and components are developd for use in garments to be worn at work. Do not take short cuts when it comes to garment performance, it will cost you more in the long run.