The Architecture of fine tailored clothing for the workplace

Clubclass tailored clothing has much in common with an architectural design process. All garments are a combination of technical know how and fine craftsmanship. Clubclass engineer each piece of clothing from the inside out. Each jacket, trouser and dress has to look fabulous and fit but it’s the technical expertise that sets them apart. Canvas, tape and trims are the skeleton of our clothing. Some techniques, exclusively used by Clubclass technicians, give robust performance, reliability, easy wear and a beautiful finish.

The Collar

If you open up the collar you will notice an extra tape that is used to help stiffen the collar. A unique but important factor.

The Canvas

From the worlds best suppliers create a structured look but it is also durable and flexible allowing the jacket to naturally conform to your body shape.

The Lapel

The lapels are carefully crafted and rolled to give shape and depth for a clean crisp sharp suit.

The Pockets

Precision made to look good and stay in shape for the life of the garment.

The Trousers Deconstructed 

Easy Waist Construction

A discreet elastic insert to give waist ease while retaining a formal appearance. The easy waist has no gap in the pockets and is unique to Clubclass. 

The Zips

Branded zips for industry leading reliability.

The Buttons

Dyed through buttons that look good for years without fade.

French Bearer

Gives a “clean” look when fastened and stays in shape through long wear.