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Does “Trumpism” matter to us?

By 20th June 2017Clubclass

By Douglas Bailey, Managing Director at Stuncroft – featured in http://director-e.com/

The point? It is always about Donald J. Trump!
Like so much of recent political life surprise, chaos and disruption that have defined President Trump’s first 100 days. So many promises are made and few carried out that we become immune to political spin? Trump doesn’t appear to have accomplished much in the rst 100 days. His legislative agenda is stalled. Foreign policy relations have created more tensions, not fewer. His travel ban has been blocked by government. The “Wall” isn’t happening. As I write the U.S. government is in danger of being shut down because it can’t agree a budget! NATO is dysfunctional and irrelevant; then it’s “very, very important”. You get the point.

His general conduct appears to be that of a petulant schoolboy. Wasting time arguing with journalists and news channels leading to what appears to be a diminishing of the Presidential Office. One thing is clear President Trump is impulsive. He does what he wants, when he wants. He will not be changing just because he is the Leader of the free world. He gets headlines around the world. What he does, says or tweets moves markets His enemies have no idea what he is likely to do. His close allies are in the dark.

He loves surprises. Business doesn’t!

Business supports Free Trade. Does Trump?
His mantra is “Put America First”. He threatens to scrap existing trade deals. Abandon the Trans- Pacific Partnership (TPP) a 12-nation trade deal brokered by President Obama and representing 40% of the world’s economic output. Is this protectionist or patriotic?

Not so long ago President Obama said that the UK would be at the back of the queue when trade deals were discussed. Donald J Trump became the 45th President of the USA on January 20th, 2017. Within days he said the UK would be at the front of the queue when trade deals were discussed. This week the U.S. commerce secretary, Wilbur Ross, indicated that Striking a trade deal with the UK after Brexit is a low priority for the Trump administration. He cited the upcoming general election and negotiations between the UK and Europe as complicating factors.

WOW! Are you like me, dizzy by the last 12 months political machinations?

The important thing is how will it a affect the way we do business in the U.K. or Europe?
Last month I wrote about Brexit. I still believe this will have a more damaging e ect than the Trump Presidency on U.K. business. For no other reason than the uncertainty that comes with politicians, of whichever persuasion, negotiating anything. But negotiating withdrawal from the E.U. when the E.U. (a coalition of chaos?) is in the mood to punish the U.K. will be a roller coaster of leaks and spin until sometime in 2030 when the final deal will be sorted! Just watch the mess they get into trying to sell a manifesto for the upcoming election! But add in the Trump Presidency and the uncertainty is worrying. Planning is more difficult for business.

So what does a medium sized business like mine do? Panic? Worry? No: we do what we have always done. WE HAVE STRONG AND STABLE LEADERSHIP. We continue to manufacture a world class product and offer great service to our customers. We do this knowing that the macro-economic climate is something we can’t change. Politicians bluster and threaten; they nearly always see sense and realise that stability and good relations are in all our interest. That said we haven’t seen the likes of Donald J Trump before. He hasn’t “drained the swamp” but I have a feeling “Trumpism” will leave quite a mark and even change some of the centuries old political systems that are set up and operate for the benefit of politicians and vested interests only.

If politics delivered on the things that people feel important like health, education and welfare Trump would still be hosting a business show on television not running the world’s most powerful country.

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