Which collections work best for the hotel & hospitality sector?





We currently manufacture clothing for some of the largest hotels & restaurants across Europe
Collections for the hotel front of house

Envee Collection

“The Freedom Of Movement.” The most advanced ultra stretch tailoring available for work. Engineered using an ultra tech stretch Poly/Visc/Lycra that stretches and moves with the wearer for maximum comfort at work. Stylish, comfortable and performs. Enjoy wearing Envee to work everyday. Worth paying a little more for the best tailoring for work today

Evolution Collection 


Some of Europe’s largest hotels wear a suit from the Evolution Collection. All enjoy the comfort and high level of performance that Evolution gives. Evolution is a sophisticated, mid-weight, tailored collection of professional clothing.

Everyone Collection 


A durable, midweight collection of mix and match tailored suiting for professionals who require modern clothing that works. Made from a fine Stretch Poly/Viscose/Lycra fabric that performs at work.

Collections for Hotel Porters 

Endurance P.V Collection 


The Endurance P.V. Collection “Simply Made To Perform At Work”. Extreme performance like Endurance but at a more competitive price. The Endurance P.V. Collection is the best performing collection of business tailored clothing you can buy at this price level.

The Intelligent Trousers


The intelligent trousers are designed to always look smart for every eventuality. From the hotel front desk to the hotel gardens. 

Collections for Waiters & Waitresses

The Events Collection


A collection of black trousers, waistcoats and skirt ideal for the demanding environments of hospitality, facilities management and service sectors. The Special Events collection is tailored from a natural stretch Polyester fabric, that gives outstanding performance and durability during everyday wear.

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