Which collections work best for the transport sector?
Everyday thousands of wearers wear Clubclass Corporate Clothing everyday, on the railways, on the roads and on flights across the world.
Which collections work best for Road & Rail





Too many Corporate Clothing providers believe merely adding the word Performance to their label makes for a viable performance tailored clothing solution. At Clubclass when we use the word performance we mean it. The Endurance Collection is the best performing collection of business tailored clothing you can buy.





The intelligent trousers are designed to always look smart for every eventuality. From the early morning meeting to the long drives. Clubclass Corporate clothing have developed a unique fabric specific for more testing evironments such as the transport industry. Hardwearing zips and a flexible waistband are additional details added to ensure the wearer I comfortable during long shifts.

Which collections work best for Airlines





Some of Europe’s largest hotels wear a suit from the Evolution Collection. All enjoy the comfort and high level of performance that Evolution gives. Evolution is a sophisticated, mid-weight, tailored collection of professional clothing.




A durable, midweight collection of mix and match tailored suiting for professionals who require modern clothing that works. Made from a fine Stretch Poly/Viscose/Lycra fabric that performs at work.