It’s not business as usual but we are open and serving our customers. 

Firstly I hope you are safe and well in this difficult time. Too many have lost their life and our thoughts are with them above all other considerations.

80% of the team at Stuncroft are now on Furloughed leave.

We maintain a skeleton staff in our Warehouse to ensure goods in and out are handled efficiently.

These valued members of our team: Micheal Scanlon (Warehouse Manager), Sharon (Warehouse operative and all rounder) and Chris (Supervisor for Harry Hall) are all working safely, observing distancing rules and checked daily for suitability to be at work. Any doubt and they are not allowed into work for the health of all.

However, this crisis changes how we think and feel almost daily. Both from a commercial and moral standpoint.

I have been asked and in fact I ask myself, in light of the risk, should Stuncroft be trading in any capacity?

I decided to ask each customer who have ordered over the last 3 weeks why and who they were ordering clothing for. I wanted to find out how essential these orders are. So far I or one of the sales team have spoken with 22 customers who have ordered.

Nearly all reported that the only orders they were receiving are from the following:

  • Security industry (biggest sector at this time)
  • Transport Companies
  • Facilities Management companies
  • Civilian Support to emergency services
  • Pharmacy staff
  • Council Staff

I do not suggest Stuncroft are essential. However, each of the 22 customers supply essential services and believe we need to support them. As long as there is a justifiable need we will stay open regardless of the cost.

Profit is the furthest thing from my mind at this time. This business believes compassion, honesty and fairness should be the guiding principals for business. I believe it applies today more than ever!

This message may we’ll be out of date quickly. We will update regularly.

After three weeks of lock down we are all asking “when will things get back to normal?” It can’t be soon enough but whenever it is we must ensure we are all safe!

Stuncroft will, as ever, be guided by the welfare of all; our team, our customers and our suppliers.

I would be delighted to discuss any aspect of our shared business and understand your view. Anytime night and day.

Stay safe and I look forward to seeing you in better times

Douglas Bailey

Managing Director
[email protected]