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3 Reasons why Endurance P.V. is proving very popular

By 13th August 2019Uncategorised

3 Reasons why Endurance P.V. is proving very popular



The Endurance P.V. Collection “Simply Made To Perform At Work”. Extreme performance like Endurance but at a more competitive price. The Endurance P.V. Collection is the best performing range of business tailored clothing you can buy at this price level.


By blending viscose and polyester to make a new fabric quality, poly-viscose largely retains the pleasant drape and feel of standard viscose, so its touch is quite natural to handle but the added polyester means polyviscose is much easier to care for. It’s also very robust, making it ideal for hard wearing clothes or heavy commercial settings. 


We’ve designed a range of styles to perfectly compliment the environments the uniform will be performing in. For example the Stone Easy Waist trouser which through its flexible waistband gives discreet ease of movement. The range has carefully considered touches to ensure full functionality is afforded to the wearer such as the Cobalt Skirt with zip pockets and a key loop for key / ID card use. 


Endurance P.V. provides the cost conscious decision maker with high quality durable tailoring absolutely designed to perform at work. Zero compromises have been made in style, features or durability meaning this range of clothing simply represents the perfect blend of style, form and function. 

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